The X1 Carbon Touch from Lenovo is being touted as the world’s lightest laptop in the 14-inch touch screen category. It boasts of a carbon fiber body and runs on the Windows 8 operating system. Users caught a glimpse of the machine when it appeared on Lenovo’s website on November 20, 2012. However, it was taken down soon after it was posted and nothing much was revealed about the machine.

The laptop is easily portable and highly durable, as it weighs only 3.4 lbs. It is only 20.8 mm thick and features a multi-gesture keypad and 10-finger touch support. The device’s screen is 14 inches wide and is HD as well. What works for the X1 Carbon Touch in terms of portability is also another often overlooked factor – the power adapter. The adapter for the X1 weighs just 235 grams, making it significantly lighter than regular laptop adapters.

The X1 Carbon Touch has a sound motor under its hood, with either the Intel Core i5 or i7 processors available. A big positive for the device is the presence of an HD camera in front, which can be used to track faces, along with dual-array microphones; this goes well with the Dolby Home Theater v4 technology.

The laptop is now available for USD 1,499 on Lenovo’s site.


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