While several speculations are circulating about the possible date of dooms day, another date has been added to the list, this being December 12, 2012. The date appears as 12/12/12 when written and this sequence will not appear for the next 88 years when every number will be the same.

There will be five repeats of the number at 12:12 am and 12:12 pm and six if people watch the clock till it reaches 12 seconds. The day can be a special day for several children who celebrate their birthday on December 12, especially those who are celebrating their 12th birthday and including those who say that they were born at 12:12 pm.

Apart from the numbers, at least one astrologer in Australia is predicting a Y2K style internet and computer breakdown. Many  wedding planning agencies have said that several couples across the globe have planned their wedding to make it special on the ‘once in a lifetime’ date.

Numerologists have also said that couples who tie the knot on 12/12/12 will have a high level of spiritual awareness. They go on to say that it will also bring sensitivity and romance to the marriage, but there is a danger of one or more parties taking everything too personally.


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