A long range rocket was successfully fired on December 12, 2012, by North Korea. The firing of the rocket is in defiance of international warnings, as the regime of Kim Jong Un took a giant step forward in its quest to develop the technology to face a nuclear warhead.

However, the launch which took place in the morning was condemned by US, Japan and South Korea, as it came as a surprise, following indications from Pyongyang that technical problems might delay the process. Moreover, the fact that the test-fire succeeded despite several failed attempts was another surprise.

According to the regime, the purpose for firing the rocket was to put a peaceful satellite in orbit after firing the Unha 3 rocket. On the other hand, the United States and the United Nations see it as a cover for a test of technology for missiles.

Just two hours after the launch of the missile, the North Korean media declared it as success, which prompted customers in coffee shops at Pyongang’s Koryo Hotel to break into applause during a special TV broadcast. After this launch, there are expectations that fresh sanctions on North Korea will be imposed by the White House, as they called it a highly provocative act which threatens regional security. The country had attempted a similar launch in the month of April, 2012, but the rocket broke apart shortly after liftoff.


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