Couples in Shanghai are now being encouraged by the family planning authorities to have a second baby. The couples who were single children themselves are being encouraged even more. Under the family planning policy of China, single-child couples are allowed to have an additional baby.

A survey has shown that couples on an average have only about 1.2 babies in the city. The reports were revealed by Huang Hong, the director with the municipality’s population and family planning committee, in a press conference on December 11, 2012.

Huang added that there are various factors like work pressure, family environment and fertility conditions which affect the decision of the parents as to whether they should have an additional child or not. The director also said that Shanghai has about 7,000 families in Shanghai who have lost their single child so far, which has brought great sorrow to the families.

Reports also said that families who have lost their only child face problems of social insecurity, elderly care, medical services and the need for spiritual counselling. Just like other cities in China Shaghai is also facing a similar problem of an aging population. The city has registered a population of 14.21 million and 24.5 percent of them are more than 60 years old.


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