Several predictions and speculations were made about the unique date and time that occurred yesterday at 12 o’clock on 12/12/12. On this date and time, hundreds of expecting couples in different Indian cities preferred to have their babies at around 12 am or 12 pm on Wednesday. Such a date will not be available for an entire century.

The date wasn’t considered to be very auspicious due to Chaudas Amavasya, but this failed to deter many couples of having their date of delivery on December 12, 2012. Due to this, several C-Section deliveries were lined up in private hospitals on the day.

Pandit Bhavanath said, “This date is inauspicious, both for child birth and marriage, not because of 12.12.12, but as per Hindu calendar.” However, figures collected from various hospitals and gynecologists in the Indian city of Patna showed that more than 100 babies were born on the rare date.

Dr. Sarika Roy attended the deliveries of about 23 patients till Wednesday evening and still eight more were waiting in her nursing home. Roy said that compared to last year which had triple 11, this year there were more requests to shift delivery dates to December 12, 2012, for C-Section deliveries.

Last year on November 18, 2012, about 18 babies were born in their nursing home. Apart from deliveries, not many marriages were held on Wednesday but there were many engagements and receptions.


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