Japanese-based electronics manufacturing company Sony Corp said that it has developed a highly accurate and fast technology, which can analyse various elements of human skin. The new technology can analyse texture, blemishes, pores brightness and coloring.

The new technology has been named Smart Skin Evaluation Program (SSKEP), which is Sony’s own analyzing technology comprising of back-illuminated CMOS image sensors, which achieve highly sensitive, low-noise skin analyzing algorithms and multiple wavelength light source controls.

High speed image processing and advanced sensing technologies will enable the quantitative, multilateral measuring and analysis of various elements of the skin, according to reports. There are other products available for industry and professional consumer use, but these professional products are large and quite expensive. Sony’s newly developed SSKEP skin analyzing technology manufacturers can commercialize compact products which can easily analyze various elements of the skin.

Generally in terms of skin analysis, it is the ability to examine the surface layer which is reachable with visible light, as well as layers beneath the skin, which are accessible with near infrared light. SSKEP controls the output of multiple wavelength light sources as well as the image capturing process with the CMOS image censor for highly sensitive photography on as well as beneath the surface of the skin.


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