Social networking site Facebook unveiled some simplified tools for protecting its user’s privacy on its world-leading social network on December 12, 2012. The social network has also made it easier for its users, whose pictures are on display to ask friends to remove them.

The privacy kit will begin rolling out next week and will include shortcuts to controls. It is apparently easier for users to now keep a log of what others are sharing, including tools for managing pictures tagged with their names. Erin Egan, the Facebook chief privacy officer said, “Our goal is making sure people understand the ways they can control their information”. Egan also provided an early look at the changes.

The Facebook chief went on to say that they want people to make choices which are right for them. In 2012, the social networking site introduced in-context controls which turned people’s attention towards privacy settings at moments when members are taking actions such as posting comments or pictures.

The account settings and privacy controls have now been consolidated in one spot. Apart from this, the social network will also require applications that are synced to Facebook to ask users for their personal information in a manner that is not in-line with their accounts, so that users are more aware of what information is being utilized.


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