Internet giant Google has improved its search controls on its engine which will make it difficult for users to find pornographic images. The algorithm has been changed for image search in order to bring things in line with its web and video searches.

Searches will otherwise be filtered for pornographic sites, unless the user is explicitly entering those keywords. A representative from Google said, “We are not censoring any adult content and want to show users exactly what they are looking for, but we aim not to show sexually explicit results unless a user is specifically searching for them.”

The representative said that the algorithms are used in order to have the most relevant results for a given query. It was also said that if a user is searching for adult content, then it can be found it without having to change the default settings. Users will now have to be more explicit in terms of what terms they are searching for.

The image search settings work the same way as those in web searches. The new changes will also apply to safe search settings. The safe search setting has been designed to stop images of violence or sex from being displayed. However, as a result of the changes people on social networking forums are now saying that Google is curtailing their freedom to information.


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