Indian telecom giant Bharti Airtel announced on December 14, 2012, the launch of its ‘Airtel Gifting’ service. The new service is just for its pre-paid users in India and allows the subscribers to avail many benefits, even with zero balance.

The new service has been designed and launched for the younger generation, who are usually restricted when going over their limited balance. With the help of the new service, subscribers can gift talk time and can also give away their mobile services to each other. For instance, a person can gift talk time worth Rs. 222 to a friend by dialling *141#.

The service also has another component which is known as the ‘Call Me Back’ feature. This is an SMS feature which allows subscribers to contact their near and dear ones even with insufficient balance. The service can be activated by texting ‘CALL’ to 141, which will send an alert to the users friends within the Airtel network and will say, “Please call me back. Thank you”.

The call-back SMS can be sent only if the balance of the sender is less than Rs. 1 and can be sent just five times a month. Such services can be convenient even during emergency situations, when users are stranded.


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