The Indian Railway Board has decided to levy a fine of up to Rs. 500 on people at railways stations who are caught littering on the railway stations or trains. The recent move has been taken after the failure of many awareness campaigns, requests and sign boards put on by the railways authorities.

The earlier campaigns were to convince the travellers to keep the platforms and trains clean. The Railway board issued a circular to its zonal heads on December 14, 2012 which mentioned that throwing garbage defecating , urinating, bathing, washing utensils or clothes, feeding animals or bird at railways premises will be considered as punishable.

The notification also said that putting up posters or writing in trains or railway premises will also be an offence. The Railways has issued the notification under the Railways Act 1989. A senior official from the Railways said that anyone caught littering on the railways property will be penalized.

The new rules have also been issued to authorised vendors and hawkers and they will have to make appropriate arrangements to keep waste baskets for collecting litter and also ensure its proper disposal. So as to implement the measures, the station master and station manager and any official not below rank of ticket collector have been authorized by the railways administration to keep a watch on passengers littering on the platforms and trains.


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