In the state of Gujarat in India, the Congress has lost yet again to the BJP  (Bharatiya Janta Party) driven Narendra Modi. Modi has now performed a hat-trick of election wins, leaving the Congress reeling with yet another loss in the state in a 20 year period. Gujarat was once the Congress’ mainstay has been lost to the BJP time and time again.

The man at the centre of BJP success is Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The politician has managed to secure success in the state elections due to his understanding of the Gujarati people. He uses strategic campaigns, supreme organizational skills and a engaging personality to pull off what seem unlikely victories at times.

The influence of the BJP in the state is evident when one takes into consideration the fact that the Congress relied on Keshubhai Patel and Shankersinh Vagehla to counter Modi, both of whom were former BJP chief ministers with RSS connections.

The Gujarati Parivartan Party was formed by Patel to try and foil Modi by ushering in change, but his party fell by the wayside although he managed to secure a seat for himself. Modi on the other hand managed to retain his main following by avoiding the issue of the post-Godhra riots.


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