Jackie Chan was the talk of the town when he said that he had to confront some gangsters in Hong Kong and had to defend himself with ‘guns and grenades’. The Chinese action hero was then the subject of a police probe as it is against the law to hold a firearm without a licence in Hong Kong.

The star of ‘Rush Hour’ said that he was once attacked by up to 20 gangsters who were wielding knives in the streets of Hong Kong and he was forced to take desperate measures to protect himself. The media then blew the story out of proportion according to the actor.

The 58-year-old said that since he was a public figure he was often misunderstood. Chan also said that he was bullied by organized crime syndicates in Hong Kong, but he never gave in to their demands. Being an international superstar has its share of baggage, this includes getting threatening calls and being bullied by gangs for money.

Chan went on to say that when he was in the Arizona in the US early on in his career he was followed by gangs from Hong Kong who created problems with the Arizona offices of his film companies. This prompted the Asian star to carry a firearm (legally) in order to protect himself in case there was trouble.

In conclusion the star said that he has not yet confirmed his role in ‘The Expendables 3’, after he was invited by Sylvester Stallone to appear in the flick.