The demand for vehicles from Suziki Motor Corp. has increased in India and shows promising potential in years to come. This has prompted the auto manufacturer to open another factory in the country to meet future demand. The plant is scheduled to be built in Gujarat in the year 2013.

On December 21, 2012, R.C. Bhargava said that growth of car sales in the country will grow at snails place over the current and next financial year in India. Moreover, due to fluctuating prices in gasoline and diesel fuel potential motor enthusiasts may chose to take a step back and re-consider.

Suzuki Motor Corp. has been in the news recently when roughly 3,000 workers at a plant in Haryana rioted on July 18, 2012, causing the death of a senior manager. The company was forced to suspend its production and more than 100 people were also involved in the riots.

The Gujarat plant is expected to open in April 2015 and the company could churn out 2 million cars every year. Private land owners in Gujarat will be giving up 600 acres of land for the project, as Sukuki Motor Co. invest up to Rs. 40 billion in the state.

According to Bhargava, the motor company may expand into other countries to meet the demand for assembly plants, however this has not yet been confirmed with Suzuki, which is the parent company.


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