Yoshishiko Noda has resigned as Prime Minister of Japan on December 26, 2012. Shinzo Abe is set to return to the seat of Prime Minister of Japan after a vote is cast in Parliament. This will be the seventh change for a Premier of Japan in six years, as the country struggles to cope economically.

With Yoshishiko Noda resigning, the three-year break of Liberal Democratic Party rule has now come to an end. Shinzo Abe will face an uphill task of getting the Asian power back on its feet, as Japan faces mounting pressure from China, as well as industrial decline.

The next elections of the upper house are to take place in the summer of 2013 and Abe is trying to focus his attention on giving his country some economic momentum. Initially though, Abe focussed on the conflict with China in the East China Sea, which has caused ill feelings in both countries.

After Abe’s comprehensive victory in his party’s December 16, 2012 win, he has also said that he will try to bring some relief to his country’s export industry, fight deflation, the Trans-Pacific Partnership issue and pressure from neighbouring countries among other things.

Abe’s Liberal Democrats have had a sour history with economic stagnation, but the Premier has tried to convince people that things have changed since 2009.


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