The year 2012 has been good for US tech giant Apple. The iPad mini has fared well in the market and Google Maps has come back to the iOS. Now however, sources are claiming that Apple is currently working on releasing a smartwatch to its consumers. This is something that will get most user interested.

It is said that Apple’s new smartwatch will feature bluetooth, a 1.5-inch touch screen display and to make matters even better users can sync the watch with their iPhones, which will allow them to make and receive phone calls from their wrists.

Other sources also claim that this project is a joint venture between Apple and Intel. The talk of a new smartwatch seems a little wayward and a little too flashy no doubt, but if one looks deeper into what Apple has been doing it does get you thinking.

Apple decided to update its iPod Nano with a completely new design, a move that essentially turned the iPod Nano into something that resembles a smartwatch. Apple’s kickstarter projects like LunaTik and TikTok (that are straps for the iPod Nano) fuels the rumors of the smartwatch further, as users hold out for something special from the company in the New Year.


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