The new operating system by Microsoft – Windows 8, is quite a stable system, as well as a faster one when compared to Windows 7. Some experts are even of the opinion that Windows 8 and today’s PCs are an odd couple.

Windows 8 seems to work smoothly on tablets, but it does get a little problematic when it is functioning on a laptop or a desktop. Unlike Apple, who have different operating systems for their phones and tablets (iOS for iPhone and iPad) as well as Macs (OSx Lion, Mountain Lion), Microsoft is choosing to have one operating system for tablets as well as PCs. Even Intel seems to be going in the same direction as Microsoft. They have chosen Windows 8 as their operating system for their Ultrabooks and tablets in the enterprise environment.

Windows 8 has a touch-based user interface (UI) and it is going to be rather difficult to get Microsoft users to warm up to the fact of having a whole different UI on their old laptops/desktops. Acer’s president Jim Wong also spoke of his concerns about the operating system and in a statement said that the Windows 8 interface could delay adoption by consumers.

Though without touch-based PCs the whole idea of having Windows 8 seems pointless, you never know what the future of technology has in store for us.