Toyota Prius is one of the worlds most famous hybrid gas-electric vehicles and has recently topped Consumer Report’s annual list of best and worst new-car values. This is the first time that Toyota’s Prius has topped the ratings. The magazine says that the cost to operate the Prius is one-half that of a conventional vehicle.

The Toyota Prius, priced at about USD 26,000, cruised past the much cheaper Honda Fit that roughly costs around USD 16,000. Compared to the Fit, Toyota’s Prius seems to be a more reliable car as well.

Toyota’s Prius first went on sale in Japan in the year 1997 and was available at all Toyota dealerships in the country, making it the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. With huge success in Japan, the vehicle was eventually introduced worldwide in the year 2000. The Prius was sold in about 80 countries across the world with its largest market being Japan and the United States. In 2011, Toyota extended the Prius family that included the Prius V (an extended hatchback wagon) and the Prius C (more of a sub-compact hatchback).

Some of the other results of the Consumer Reports’ annual list were – Ford Focus SE (Worst Value Small Hatchbacks), Toyota Camry hybrid ( Best Value Family Sedan), Chrysler 200 limited V6 (Worst Value Family Sedan), Lexus RX350 (Best Value Large-Luxury SUV) and many more.