Tablet manufacturer Datawind (which became popular with its Aakash tablet) has become the third largest tablet seller in India. These details were released through technology market research firm Cybermedia Research.

However, the journey for the company so far has not been smooth. Between the period of July 2012 to September 2012, the company had been facing criticism for missing deadlines for the delivery of the Aakash tablet, which is priced at Rs 2, 263. At present Datawind has roughly a  12 percent market share in India’s tablet market and this figure is excluding the sales of tablets to the government.

During the period of three months up to September 2012, more than one million tablets were sold in India by the manufacturer. In India, South Korean company Samsung is in the lead with a 24 percent tablet market share, followed by Indian company Micromax, which claims about a 15 percent market share. Cybermedia Research has also stated that the total number of tablets in India was close to 3 million units in the year 2012.

Cybermedia has also said that around 135 vendors have also launched their tablets in the year 2012. The firm went on to say that in the upcoming quarter, the Windows 8 tablets could gain a higher market share. In the year 2013, India is expected to see a 100 percent growth in terms of the tablet market as well.