Elon Musk is the c0-founder of internet giant PayPal and an avid space entrepreneur. The billionaire is allegedly building a city on the planet Mars which will house 80,000 people. There is a catch to this plan though, as only vegetarian space explorers will get the opportunity to fly to this city in the sky.

According to reports, the new city will be running off sustainable energy and has been a work in progress for around 10 years. Musk already has links with space travel, as his rocket Falcon 9 takes cargo from NASA to the International Space Station.

The 41-year-old also said that with his efforts and many others in the industry his dream is slowly coming closer to reality. Initially it was only NASA that was in the space game and the organization did not have a fixed schedule to explore Mars. However, with various private investors now coming into the fold, the space race has opened up significantly.

The SpaceX founder was also awarded a gold medal by the Royal Aeronautical Society in November 2012, for his efforts in space exploration. Musk is of opinion that it is quite possible to start the civilization and run in with self-sustaining energy. He also said that the pool of people were chosen to be 80,000 so as to avoid the risk of having too few or too many individuals in the space society.

Tickets for the city are estimated to cost around 300,000 pounds.


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