Asia has long been a destination for corporate investment and Malaysia has recently been adjudged to be the fourth most desirable country in Asia for investment, according to research by the Economist Corporate Network. The findings were published in a recent edition of the Asia Business Outlook Survey.

Indonesia comes in as the third most desirable country for investment, behind leaders China (in first place) and India (in second place). Malaysia could be the hotbed of investment in 2013, as around 43 percent of companies said that they were interested in putting their money into the country in 2013.

According to the Economist Corporate Network, China holds the leading position in terms of investor pull, with around 73.8 percent of surveyed companies wanting to invest in the world’s second largest economy. In China, opportunity for business is finding new geographical ground and this has inspired investors to put their money into the Asian powerhouse.

There have also been countries which have not been as popular as others. Vietnam and the Philippines have also been surprises on the list as places that will not favor investment in 2013. There could be a case made for Vietnam, that the government has not managed its economy appropriately, however the Philippines was the third fastest-growing economy in 2012 and it is a surprise that investors are not interested in the country this year.


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