Day 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA turned out to be a celebrity affair, with former US President Bill Clinton making an appearance at Samsung’s keynote address. Apart from Clinton’s speech, there were 1 TB flash-drives, brain-controlled helicopters and other such tech goodies on display.

The second day at CES left people wide-eyed at the range of technological innovation being displayed. There was a 3D dressing room designed by FaceCake that allowed users to try on clothes with the help of  a webcam, the Ascend Mate by Huawei finally made its appearance and the Driverless Car was also unveiled by car manufacturer Lexus.

There was a handheld fuel cell battery that was showcased by Nectar, which allowed users to run their smartphones for up to two weeks. The device costs USD 299 and will be available soon. USB drives were taken to the next level by Kingston, as it unveiled its DataTraveller HyperX Predator; a 1 TB USB drive that holds more than most regular hard drives.

Bill Clinton exhorted politicians to reconsider his proposal for an assault weapon ban while speaking at Samsung’s keynote and said that 30-round clips for a gun were unnecessary. Samsung also spoke about its Exynos 5 Octa Chip, which is a smartphone microprocessor with 8 cores.

One of the most innovative of gadgets being displayed though was the brain-controlled helicopter by Puzzlebox. The device allows users to control a small helicopter when they concentrate on one specific thing. The gadget uses EEG waves from the brain to keep the helicopter afloat and costs USD 189 from Kickstarter.


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