Killer Whales are slowly coming in contact with humans in Inukjuak, Quebec  A dozen of these sea creatures were spotted at the eastern top of Hudson Bay entrapped in a small pool of water surrounded by ice. A team of experts were to arrive on January 10, 2012 to help free the mammals, but it was found that the sea currents had changed, allowing for a passage to be created out to sea for the mammals. In the year 2005 a pod of whales were trapped and died in Japan as their ice hole closed before they could escape.

Peter Inukpuk, the Mayor of Inukjuak had earlier asked for icebreakers from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). He asked for external help to save the whales as he was not in a position to help them. The whales appeared to be in some panic and distress and were continuously looking for an opening in the ice.

Nathalie Letendre, a spokeswoman from the DFO said these incidents do happen at times and with more coverage by social media, people are getting aware of such situations. Christian Ramp, who is a researcher agreed to her. Ramp said that the whales are moving further up North and staying there for longer periods and then getting stuck due to climate change.


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