South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics recently showed off a phone which has a flexible screen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA. With the new technology, the company has hinted that some day it could possible fold up its large phone and tablet screens as if they were paper.

The International CES is an annual showcase of the latest TVs, computers and other such electronic devices that are used on a daily basis. The technology was demonstrated by Brian Berkeley, the head of Samsung Electronics Co.’s display lab in San Jose California.

Brian demonstrated a phone which had a matchbox sized hard enclosure, having a paper-thin flexible color screen attached to one end. However, it did not appear that the screen was flexible enough to fold like a piece of paper, but it could be bent like a tube.

The company also showed the video of a potential future phone-sized device, which can be opened like a book and revealed a tablet sized screen inside. The screen also uses light emitting diodes or OLED’s to function. The best part is that just a thin layer of such chemicals are needed to produce a bright and colorful screen, thus allowing manufacturers to save on space and energy for screens on various devices.