China these days is dealing with a severe air pollution problem. The schools in Beijing have cancelled outdoor flag raising and various hospitals are receiving plenty of patients with respiratory problems, caused due to the polluted air in the country.

The factories in the city have been ordered by local authorities to bring down their emission levels. Water is being sprayed on buildings so as to reduce dust and dirt which worsens the condition, which has steadily become worse since last week.

The polluted air has increased the demand for face masks and air purifiers as well. Hospitals are also facing a 30 percent increase in patients with respiratory problems. Even schools in many areas have been ordered to cancel outdoor activities. The city authorities have also ordered the residents to take preventive measures to protect their health.

A resident of Beijing said, “It’s really terrible. I’m extremely upset, but there’s really nothing much I can do”. Many other residents have moved out of the city to avoid dealing with the pollution. During the weekend, the levels of PM 2.5 particle pollution reached a high point. By January 14, 2013, the levels came down to 245 micrograms on the Beijing government scale, which was down from a high of above 700, but was still above the level of 25 which is the safety standard set by the World Health Organization.


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