The year 2013 has just arrived, but car manufacturer General Motors (GM) looks eager for 2014 to arrive. General Motors unveiled their new 7th-generation Chevrolet Corvette which will be released in 2014. This is something that will put a wide smile on the faces of sports-car lovers.

GM has not really been doing well of late, though the company’s sales and profits have improved, their market share continues to slide. The car maker finished with around 17.9% of the market share for car and light truck sales in 2012. This has been their lowest figure since the 1930’s.

Chevrolet accounts for 70% of their sales and getting Chevrolet back on top seems to be GM’s new strategy.  The Corvette 2014 will carry the name Stingray for the first time since 1970’s. The entry-level Corvette will have a 450-horsepower, V-8 engine and is designed using a light weight materials that include carbon-fiber in the roof and aluminum in the frame.

This new design of the Corvette will provide for better mileage as well. The Corvette 2014 will also offer multiple options that will help drivers with their performances on the race track. GM has not announced the price range for the Corvette 2014 as yet and the current model is priced at around USD 50,000.