In a landmark achievement for the South Korean electronics company Samsung, it said on January 14, 2013, that global sales of its Galaxy S smartphone has passed the 100 million in sales mark since the company first launched the series. The first Galaxy S was launched around 3 years ago.

The electronics company said that it has sold more than 25 million Galaxy S smartphones, 41 million Galaxy S III smartphones and 40 million Galaxy S II smartphones till date. The first Galaxy S model was launched by the end of May 2010, while Samsung tried to keep pace with the iPhone manufacturer Apple, which is presently Samsung’s biggest competition in the smartphone market.

However, Samsung has managed to keep pace with the bigger smartphone makers and last month research from IHS iSuppli said that in 2012, Samsung managed to beat Nokia in terms of cellphone sales and Apple in terms of smartphone sales.

On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone hit the 100 million mark in the month of March 2011, which was around four years after the introduction of the phone in the year 2007. Analysts have predicted that Samsung will announce the fourth version of the Galaxy S smartphone before the summer of 2013. The Galaxy S III smartphone became popular among the users soon after it was released and this has contributed to the increase in sales.