In recent times, attacks on women have been brought into the spotlight in India, with the recent gang-rape of a medical student making international headlines. In such cases, safety for women in India has become the primary concern for many. Now three young boys in Nashik have developed a software which can help women raise an alarm in an emergency.


The new application has a spy recording component, which can be used to collect evidence, which can then be produced in court. It also has a location log which sends alerts every 10 minutes as to the whereabouts of the person using the device. After the infamous Delhi gang rape case, Android Software developer Gunwant Battase, a 23-year-old graphic engineer, Jayesh Bankar a 23-year-old engineer and Anoop Unnikrishnan a 24-year-old engineer decided to do something to help solve the issue and developed the‘Me Against Rape’ software in just two weeks.

Battase said, “We saw a candlelight march in support of the Delhi rape victim and felt that something more concrete was needed”.The boys readied the basic version of the software in a week, but it had just one functionality. The application can call a helpline and send a message to an external number, in case of an emergency.

The spy feature on the application records in just one touch. Unnikrishnan said that the feature is important even in cases of eve-teasing, as it gives direct evidence against the mischief mongers. One of the designers of the application, Bankar, said that he was worried about his sister who works late hours in the hospital and this was the motivation behind the software.


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