Lamborghini has had a successful 2012, according to reports from the Italian luxury car manufacturer. India has also turned out to be a happy hunting ground for the company, with the country making up good numbers in the 2,083 units that were sold in 2012. Global sales for the car-maker rose a whopping 30 percent, with the Asia Pacific region making up 35 percent of its overall global sales.

lamborghini sales worldwide

Automobili Lamborghini said that the company’s sales in India grew by 21 percent in 2012, as worldwide deliveries went up from 1,602 units to 2,083 units, with the Aventador continuing its award-winning rise to fame. These numbers come in contrast to other auto-manufacturer figures, many of which note a downward trend.

The Italian company has also tasted success in markets outside of Asia, registering growth in America (50% for the continent and 53% in the US),  and Europe (34%) as well. The overall growth for the company turned out to be around 46% in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region.

Things continue to look good for the car company with the impending release of its Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster, a super sports car. A report from the company also said that the Aventador models have been booked out for the next 15 months, with pre-order expectations having been exceeded in 2013, which marks the company’s 50th anniversary.


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