BlackBerry manufacturer, Research In Motion (RIM) has released a system which will allow its customers to use its new line of BlackBerry 10 smartphones on their own networks. The new system will pave the way for the launch of the make-or-break BlackBerry devices on January 30, 2013.


The new system is known as the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, which is now available to government agencies and corporate clients. The system allows clients to support corporate and employee-owned devices. This will also be beneficial as it will be a single platform that will allow administrators to manage devices from different companies such as Apple, Android and BlackBerry iteself.

The BlackBerry smartphones will have a lot depending on them for the future of RIM . The devices are powered by an all-new operating system and with the release RIM hopes to catch up to race leaders Apple and Google’s Android. RIM is hoping that its new device, which will have a new touch screen keyboard, will help win back its customers.

The new device management system has been built on the basis of RIM’s core strength, that of security. It also allows for a range of applications to be used on the phone, which will allow it to cater to the latest needs of IT departments around the world.

Peter Devenyi, the senior head of enterprise software at RIM said, “We definitely anticipate that (enterprise) customers will be making the switch to BB10 rapidly”. RIM added that the new platform will also offer a new corporate app store for BlackBerry 10 devices.


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