Search engine giant Google will be giving a new look to its Image Search tab on its website soon. The new-look image search is expected to be rolled out in the upcoming days.

new google search

Photo Credit: Google Webmaster Central

Apart from the new look, users will now be able to load images faster within a better looking, cleaner interface. The announcement of the new look was made by the search engine on its Webmaster Central blog. After the changes come into effect, users will be able to flip through a set of images with the help of their keyboards.

The search engine will display detailed information about the image, with information about the picture being mentioned just below where the search results are displayed. Earlier, users were redirected to a separate page for details of an image. Moreover, important information about the picture like the title of the page hosting the image, image size and the domain name from where it comes will be prominently displayed next to it on the same page.

The domain where the image is hosted can now be clicked and a new button will be there for the users to visit the page as well. Apart from speeding up the user experience on the site, the new design will also reduce the load on the web-servers that host the image.


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