The day has arrived for the government of India to present its revised Lokpal Bill before the parliament, however India Against Corruption activist Anna Hazare has warned that he would continue to protest if the bill is not up to the standards that they had put forward.

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Hazare has asked that the government draft the bill according to his party’s demands and that it should address the issue of corruption in the country. Apart from Anna, ‘Aam Admi Party’ member Manish Sisodia has raised doubts over the draft of the Lokpal Bill as well, questioning whether it would address the relevant issues.

Sisodia said that the Lokpal Bill will not have any investigative agency or other important rights. On January 31, 2013, the union cabinet will consider the new revised Lokpal Bill despite the fact that the law ministry has objections over the draft. According to the new draft, the appointment of the Lokayuktas have been left to the states. Earlier the powers were given to the Centre.

The new draft also has extra protection for public servants, which has given them rights to present their view to the Lokpal. The Law Ministry has opined that bureaucrats should not have the right to be heard first.