Japanese-based retail company Seven Eleven will begin serving affordable coffee at its stores across Japan. The company will be replicating the success achieved by McDonald’s with a similar machine.

seven eleven

Seven Eleven, on its website, said that it will install self-service coffee machines at about 15,000 stores across the nation by August 31, 2013. The coffee machines will be placed near the cash registers and will serve regular size 150 milliliter cups of coffee for 100 yen. The machine will also serve larger size cups, which will cost around 150 yen.

The company went on to say that the drip brew will take about 45 seconds to serve the coffee. Ryuchi Isaka, the president of Seven Eleven said that 40% of the customers who visited the pilot stores bought a coffee. The president also revealed that the largest market segment was women between the age of 30-50 who preferred drip coffee to canned coffee.

The president went on to say that the company will aim to sell around 330 million cups per year and will compete with McDonald”s. The company is considering the introduction of machines at Denny’s and Itop-Yokado stores in Japan as well, apart from the Seven Eleven stores overseas.


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