Some popular Chinese baijiu brands including Wuliangye and Moutai have surprisingly dropped their prices. The prices have been dropped just before the Spring Festival which is considered to be the peak season for the sales of liquor.


The price of liquor has been cut due to the recent ban on alcohol in military units. Another reason for the drop in prices is due to a commitment by the central authorities to crack down on extravagance in party organs, public funded institutions, state owned companies and government departments. The prices of Mautai and Wuliange have dropped by 700 yuan at Hai yan, which is a chain which sells tobacco and alcohol.

Moreover, at the Changcheng chain store of tobacco and spirits in Shanghai, the prices have been dropped by 500 yuan. Even Chinese millionaires are preferring not to use moutai as a  gift. The popularity of the brand has come down due to the debate in regards to whether government officials should be allowed to use products from what is considered to be a luxury brand.

The main product of the brand retails for 1,800 yuan per bottle. Moreover, it also involves a health scare involving plasticisers.