Search engine giant Google has on February 6, 2013, remembered Mary Leakey’s 100th birthday anniversary with a doodle. Leakey was a popular British archaeologist and anthropologist, who was born in London.


Leakey was also known for her significant discoveries and for the exploration related to fossils of the ancient hominines. During a large part of her career, Leakey had joined hands with her husband Louis Leakey and their three sons, who had also entered the same field.

Mary died at the age of 83 in the year 1996. The discoveries of Leakey included a fossilized Proconsul skull and that of an extinct ape, which is believed to be an ancestor to humans. Another remarkable discovery was of the Zinjanthropus skull which was an early hominin at Olduvai Gorge.

Leakey found her inspiration in John Frere, an antiquarian and Sheppard Frere who is an archaeologist. Moreover, she also had a chance to accompany Elie Peyrony during an excavation at Les Eyzies where she came across various scrappers and other tools. It is also believed that during this phase, her interest in prehistory had gradually sparked. The Doodle by Google has marked the researcher’s 100th birth anniversary. The search engine giant has shown an image of a female archaeologist working at an excavation site on its home page.