BlackBerry confirmed on February 8, 2013, that it does not have any immediate plans to sell its new handsets in Japan. However, the company denied that it was ignoring or abandoning one of the world’s most lucrative technology markets.


BlackBerry has been trying hard not to lose its popularity to Apple and Samsung in the tech realm. Last week, it launched two new devices the Q10 and the Z10 in a very public bid, so as to revive itself in terms of market share. The Canadian-based company has also changed the name of its manufacturer from Research In Motion to just BlackBerry; this was a part of its re-launch, which included unveiling of new software as well.

A spokesperson from the head office of the company in Waterloo, Ontario said that customers in Japan will be deprived of buying its new handsets, but insisted that the decision will not amount to a snub. He added, “It does not affect our key priorities in the market: To continue to provide BlackBerry service and robust support to BlackBerry’s Japanese customers; both consumers and business users”.

The spokesperson further assured that the company enjoys a constructive relationship with a trusted partner NTT, DOCOMO and that they will continue to support the carrier’s ongoing sales of BlackBerry in Japan.