The Clinicians Protection Act is soon expected to be put into place in India and it might be adopted by the government of Uttar Pradesh. As per the law, people who damage the medical facility, private nursing homes and clinics due to some dispute can land up in jail.

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At present the draft of the law is being examined by the department, which has also taken feedback from the Provincial Medical Service Association. This association is the state chapter of the Indian Medical Association and Uttar Pradesh Nursing Home Association. Sources from the government said that the act would benefit all people who are associated with medical service, including registered private practitioners, medical or nursing students, nurses, paramedical workers as well as any person who is employed in a medical institution.

Not many know that such a law already exists in the state of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa and the draft being used by Uttar Pradesh would be picking up its salient features. An officer in the health department said, “As per provisions in the proposed draft, any act of violence against medical professionals is considered as cognizable and non-bailable offences.” The officer added that these acts would invite punishment with a maximum imprisonment of three years and a fine which can be extended up to Rs. 50,000.