South Korean electronics giant LG said that it was all set to launch its new smartphone, with a full high definition (HD) screen soon. The smartphone is expected to go on sale this week and will be launched in South Korea before the Japanese market gets a taste of the device.


The smartphone will hit the Japanese market in the month of April 2013, according to industry sources. The new Optimus G Pro smartphone has a 5.5-inch screen, which has more than 2 million pixels, this is twice as many as most other smartphones which have HD screens. The device is Android powered, with other special features, including a camera which can shoot full HD videos and pictures.

These days, other smartphone manufacturers like HTC, Sony Corp and other companies are trying to introduce high definition screens as a key feature in their new smartphones this year. Full HD screens are common in televisions, but smartphone makers have began to embrace them in 2013 due to tough competition in the market.

LG executives said that their current goal is to elevate the reputation the Optimus brand, after turning around the company’s mobile communications business, following years of losses. The Optimus Pro G is available for USD 894, without a mobile phone contract in South Korea.