Foreigners visiting North Korea will soon have the ability to access social networking sites like Twitter and Skype and will be allowed to surf the internet on their cell phones, iPads and other mobile devices. The recent measure has been taken in a second relaxation of controls on communication in the country.

North Korea

However, the citizens of North Korea will not be having an access to the mobile internet service which will be provided by Koryolink, starting from next week. Koryolink is a joint venture between Korea Post & Telecommunications Corporation and Egypt’s Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding SAE.

The company informed foreign residents in Pyongyang on February 22, 2013, that it will launch the third generation of its 3G mobile internet service. The service is expected to be launched not later than March 1, 2013. The changes in the policy has meant that foreigners in North Korea will have unprecedented connectivity while living or travelling in the country.

Wireless internet will not be provided to North Koreans, as they are governed by a separate set of telecommunication rules from foreigners. The residents of North Korea will be allowed to access certain 3G services including MMS, SMS, video calls and subscriptions.


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