Search engine giant Google, on February 21, 2013, unveiled a touch screen notebook computer which has been specifically designed for high-end users. The latest launch has brought some competition for Apple and its MacBooks.


The search engine said that the new Chromebook Pixel is a blend of tablet and laptop technology. They boast of heavyweight Intel chips and screens which are tailored for rich graphics. The new laptop has been launched for the US and Britain market, at the price of $1,299.

The high resolution screen displays 239 pixels-per-inch, which is slightly more than Apple’s MacBooks which has high resolution Retina Display. Sundar Pichai, the senior vice president who has overseen the development of the Chrome Web browser, belonging to Google said, “This is the future: high-resolution screens and touch”.

The new Pixel is meant for the more affluent PC market, which is willing to pay more for machines equipped with compelling features and components. Such components are generally not found on cheaper laptops. The search engine has been partnering with PC makers to make Chromebooks over the past two years, but the Pixel will be built without a partner and can connect on Wi-FI as well as a 4G LTE cellular network. The new laptop will cost $1,499.


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