Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia has unveiled on February 25, 2013, its Lumia smartphone range, powered by Microsoft’s Windows phone software. The company is now inching towards the new phone as it tries to regain ground in the emerging markets like China.


Nokia said on February 25, 2013 that the price for the new Lumia 520 will begin at 139 euro, or about $183, without subsidies. This also compares favorably with the 2-year-old Apple iPhone 4, which costs $450 before subsidies are cut.

The low-end smartphones which run on Google’s Android software are available for less than $100. The company said that it will begin selling the phone in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. Nokia also said that T Mobile USA intends to sell the device at some unspecified date. Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia at an event in Barcelona said, “The Lumia 520, we believe, delivers the best performance of any smartphone at this price point”‘.

Two years ago, Elop had taken a bold step to switch Nokia to Windows software for the high end smartphones. The decision was helped by financial support from Microsoft. The Windows Phone 8 gives a distinct look, but has not really convinced users to switch to Nokia from their iPhones or Android phones.