Federal Territories and Urban Well being Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin announced on February 25, 2013, that the Greater KL/Klang Valley program will host 10 million people by the year 2020 and to accommodate this population, will have higher, greener buildings.


The focus is on attracting people back to the city and reducing the use of cars. For this purpose, 10 kms of pedestrian walkways will be built within Kuala Lumpur. To encourage a greener KL, the River Beautification Project is underway which will completely transform the Gombak and Klangrivers.

The enhancement efforts included things such as making city projects greener, better public transport so that people can travel with ease throughout the city and higher plot ratios for ground field developments. He told reporters that the MRT (mass rapid transit) will enable people living away from the city to commute at a much faster pace to their place of work.

The Greater KL/Klang Valley Project aims to boost gross national income to RM 650 billion per year by 2020, as well as increase the population in the area. Raja Nong Chik said he was confident that they will meet their 2020 target if they progress the way they have been without any road blocks.