Misao Okawa, a 114 year old woman from Japa has been named as the world’s oldest woman on February 27, 2013. Okawa is the daughter of a kimono maker and she said that she was happy to receive such a recognition and a certificate from the Guinness World Records.


Misao had her favourite meal – mackerel sushi, after which she sat in her wheel chair besides her great grand child Hibiki Okawa. After a quick nap, she woke up to speak to a reporter. When asked about the secret for her longevity, Okawa said that she had taken good care of her health.

The recognition came as a gift for Okawa, who will be celebrating her 115th birthday next week. The Gerontology Research Institute has recognized her advanced age, as she was born on March 5, 1898. The lady lives in a nursing home in Osaka. Tomohito Okada, the manager at the nursing home said that Okawa eats whatever she likes.

Okawa got married in the year 1919 to husband Yukio, with whom she had three children, comprising of two daughters and a son. Now Okawa has four grand children and six great-grand children. Her son is 90-years-old and Okawa said that he has inherited some of his mother’s genes. Japan is known for having the most centenarians.


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