China is now trying its best to improve food quality in the country. An official informed the media that the government will issue a specific regulation for baby formula in near future.


The director of State Administration for Industry and Commerce – Zhou Bohua, admitted that the new regulation will target the whole supply chain, from production to circulation in the market. New strict supervisory measures will be issued to handle improper conduct of breeders, sales people and milk powder.

This will ensure that people can have access to safe milk powder products. Zhou also said that the lack of administration and supervision over the dairy industry are responsible for the past incidents that compromised food safety. The official also mentioned the Sanlu scandal in the year 2008. The scandal had claimed the lives of six babies and 3,000 others fell sick after consuming the company’s melamine-tainted milk powder products.

In a recent controversy in Hong Kong, a regulation that prohibits consumers from taking more than 1.8 kg of baby powder purchased in the city back to the mainland came into effect. This policy was instated on March 1, 2013 and Zhou said that no one should be astonished. The official added that the encouragement of the mainland dairy industry is the fundamental solution to the problem.