In some good news for all people who like to use their email on the go, a new technology has been developed, which will allow them to draw letters in the air, as well as write messages and emails. The new technology has been designed by scientists in Germany.

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The scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have created an innovative air writing glove system which will replace thumb typing text or emails, on keyboards or touch screen smartphones. Media reports said that the glove has been developed by Christoph Amma and colleagues and is equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes, which detect hand movements.

The new system identifies the letters which are being drawn and converts them in to digital text. The text then wirelessly enters into the email, text message or other mobile apps. The system uses the pattern recognition software to recognize the gestures.

The setup is capable of recognizing approximately 8,000 words, with complete sentences. At present, the model has an error rate of 11 percent, but this drops to three percent once it identifies the user’s air writing style. The latest technology can be useful for those writers who constantly need to type text or send emails while working.


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