Computer software manufacturer Microsoft has launched a new version of Office 365 for business’ running in India on March 4, 2013. Office 365 will facilitate sharing data seamlessly across various platforms such as computers and mobile phones, with the help of cloud computing technology.


Users of the software would be able to access their data through mobiles, laptops and desktops, as physical storage would not be needed. Cloud computing technology is based on technological resources, digital information and software as well, however no on-board storage would be needed by the user.

Cloud computing is internet-based, due to which the data can be accessed from anywhere with the help of a web browser. Companies requiring a variety of solutions can use Office 365 for Rs 330-1,200 per month, per use, depending on what features are needed. The software can be installed on 5 devices for one user, under the license for Office 365. The group of solutions available with the new software include Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and One Note.

The features of the new software include flawless connectivity between the group of solutions across various devices like PCs, tablets and mobiles, which makes the value of Office 365 more compelling. Moreover, this new software is just like SharePoint, which can integrate with Lunc and Yammer in order to provide a social platform, which brings together teams and people.