Russia has begun interrogating their 10 sleeper agents or spies, at an unknown location by the officials. They have started a series of test, which include the lie detector test, to make sure they don’t have a double agent deported by the CIA. But nothing has been heard of the spies after they have been deported from the U.S.


According to some sources, the agents had landed in Moscow, and then taken to the Foriegn Intellegence Service (SVR), then they were taken to some unknown location. There has been a huge amount of work being done after these spies have come.

First of all the tests would confirm whether there is a double agent in the midst of them. And secondly to find out whether there is a traitor in the SVR who has decieved the agents.

The spies have been kept in a hotel near a closed down SVR facilty, and the surronding area has no cellphone coverage. The relatives of the spies can come and visit them personally but, the spies cannot leave the area or the hotel for atleast two weeks now, as they are working the mistakes that have been taken place with these spies.


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