Auto parts manufacturer Bridgestone has developed a new concept tire, which is narrower and has a larger diameter than conventional tires. The new tire has been created using new environmental technology, which will help in keeping the car eco-friendly.


The new wheel has been built on the Large and Narrow tire technology, which helps improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, resulting in the reduction of CO2 emissions. The air pressure in these tires is higher than the conventional tires as well.

The design includes a new pattern technology and compound structures, which have been specifically designed for use in such tires. The new brand of innovative technology which has been employed in the Large & Narrow concept tire, enables it to signify lower levels of rolling resistance, along with high levels of wet-grip performance.

The new technology can also be introduced as original equipment for next generation of vehicles. The tires will be shown off at the Bridgestone booth during the 83rd International Motor Show, being held in Geneva from March 5, 2013 to March 17, 2013. The company has come up with the concept of the environmentally friendly tires, as it is one of Bridgestone’s initiatives towards reaching the goal of the globally agreed target of 50% reduction in CO2 emissions.