A renegrade Afghan soldier, has allegedly killed three British soldiers, during a joint patrol with the forces, in the southern part province of Helmand. During the incident, two other British soldiers have been injured. The incident took place during the patroling session in Lashkar Gah, which is the provincial capital of Helmand. The area has 9000 NATO troops alongwith British troops camped there.


This has not been the first time that the foreign forces have been attacked and killed by Afghan security forces, for this is raising questions and concerns of infiltration of Taliban extremists entering into the security forces, and doing heinious crimes. On the other hand these security forces have been trained by the NATO forces who are stationed there.

According to the spokes to the Afghan President, he said if these things are true than it is very sad and dangerous. For this is the worst attack on the British or the NATO troops by the Security Forces in Afghanistan, which are said to be Taliban in disguise.


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