Asia Bizz :  Epic Browser – The First Browser with 12 Indian Languages

‘Epic Browser’ is the first Indian Brower which will have 12 different Indian languages. This product is by a Bangalore based company called, ‘Hidden Reflex’.


The introduction of ‘Epic’ is going to be very helpful for the people of India. Many people do not have their medium of instruction in English in their academic years. This has been the barrier for many people to learn computers. ‘Epic’ which has 12 languages to choose from will encourage people to learn and use internet easily.

Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telgu are some of the 12 languages of the ‘Epic Browser’. It has been informed by the developers of the browser that it has inbuilt anti virus that will help in scanning the downloads automatically. They say that this browser is one of its own kinds. The browser has 1500 themes, inbuilt flash player which will enable to watch videos.


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