The Indian government has approved a bill on March 18, 2013, which aims to provide access to all central and state government services. The new bill will provide electronic access to driving licences, passports, ration cards and internet connections within the next eight years.


Manish Tewari, the information and Broadcasting Minister, after the Union Cabinet meeting said, “The Electronic Delivery of Services Bill has been cleared”. Kapil Sibal (the telecom minister), earlier in the day said that the new bill will make it mandatory for government organizations to start providing all services for citizens within eight years, through the electronic medium.

The telecom minister also said that the central and state governments will notify the service which they will provide electronically in five years. Sibal also added that they will be given anther three years after the stipulated time to ensure that all services are provided electronically.

The minister also assured that the introduction of the electronic system will help to reduce corruption and that it will bring transparency in the system. The officials said that the bill was brought before the cabinet to sync it with the Citizen’s Charter Bill or The Right of Citizens for Time Bound Delivery of Goods.